My life

My life
I am truly Blessed

Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Life

This is my very first blog post EVER. I feel weird doing it. But i realize that its a great way to share the experience that i am blessed to be a part of. Not everyone gets to do what im doing. I get to live on an orphanage, in a beautiful country, full of interesting things. By interesting things i mean things that i would never see or be a part of in the US. The US is good, but its not as exciting as here. I love the US, but i dont see myself being there again for a long time. Everyday here is like an adventure. Its just different.

I am realizing one thing though as i am here. I used to think that the US was the safe place, the place that made it. I was wrong. The longer im here (going on 4 months) i realize that the US is very lost. That may be insulting to some people, but its true. God is being pushed out, so much in fact that if you talk about God, in most open settings, you will be frowned upon. Thats sad. Thats embarrassing. I used to be a part of it. I didnt know God until i was 20 years old. My life was less than desirable, and i caused it all on myself. God saved me, and He can definetly save you. Ask Him, and your life will be transformed.

I truly live the life of my wildest dreams.