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My life
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Unexpected Angels

Its funny the people you meet when you step outside your "box", or outside your world of comfort. Its amazing how God has blessed me with great relationships and has introduced me to amazing people on this journey. The other missionaries i work with have been a blessing, and i now have relationships that i know will last my whole life, and into the next.

There is one guy here (in Haiti) that Stacie (fellow missionary and great friend) and I commonly refer to as our "Guardian Angel". We got that because the in Hebrews 13:2 it says "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."

This guy is homeless. Not Haiti homeless, where he has a place to sleep but no real house, he is really homeless. He travels a stretch of road from Jakmel to Cyvadier begging, washing windows, and helping people carry stuff in hopes of money.

To be honest i dont even know his name. I probably run into him atleast a few times a week, and will give him a small monetary amount after i have him do a job of some kind such as carry something or "wash" our windshield with his overly dirty rag. This keeps our relationship mutual rather than him being a beggar.

We call him our Guardian Angel because he is always there. Multiple times he has stopped a car from racing past me that would have hit me, and he has kept people from harassing me at times as well. Not only that but he just has a way about him that is perplexing. Some local Haitian people say he is "Fou" or insane, but i dont think so. I think he has an important job, and he is doing it.

Im not really sure where im going with this, but it just really stood out to me as being important. I am blessed to know this guy, and i am happy to see him. Especially knowing that when God created the world, He knew that this guy was going to be alive at some point. He also knew that He and I would have a special relationship. I have had alot of those in this life. Odd relationships that have blessed me in ways i could not have imagined. Maybe we are all a Guardian Angel for someone and we dont even know it.

The really big thing that has been going on is the new set of twins and mother that have arrived on Campus. The twins both were under 3 lbs each. Thats insane. I was pre-mature when i was born and i was just over 6 lbs. I dont even know how they are alive. Check out my pictures on Facebook to see them.

We are blessed to be able to house and recuperate them while training the mother in breastfeeding (others are doing this) and how to mother the twins. Its things like this that really make me see how awesome it is to be involved in this kind of thing. Its down to the raw things in life. Its down to seeing the point where only God can do the things that happen around here.

The twins are doing well and will be reassessed in another week or so. All of our other kids are back in school. Its been haywire trying to track down all the books, luckily there are other missionaries more proactive in that than I.

I hope you have a blessed day.