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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The least of these

Time really flies here. It feels like just yesterday that i was posting a blog. That's a common discussion around here, how fast time flies, but can seem slow at the same time. Weird how that is. One of those things that are just hard to explain, unless you have experienced it.

We have had alot of interesting things happen lately. Great things in fact. A little background story on one of the events of yesterday is that in Haiti, there are individuals that are called Restaveks. This is a person who is owned by another person to do work. In other words, slave. The ones we are familiar with are our neighbors, owned by other Haitians. They are children. All under the age of 8 right now. Ill keep names out of the hat to preserve confidentiality, but they have nice names, trust me.

So a few of the girls missionaries here at the orphanage have been involved with them for a number of months now. One in particular, we will call her Sally. There are others, but Sally has been the one we have spent the most time with. Stacie, Emi, and Rebekah all had a hand in getting to know her, and eventually let her come into our compound to eat and socialize with the other girls, after getting permission from her "owners" of course. She is an 8 year old girl, and extremely sweet and cute.

We would see her carrying buckets of water to and fro from the public water facet located near our outer gate. An important fact is that she is really small, I would have thought she was around 5 years old due to her size, and she is carrying full buckets of water back and forth, nearly 30 yards, all day. When she is not doing that, she is cleaning. The worst part of it all is that she doesn't go to school. Schools here are all private, usually run by a mission of some sort, and very expensive.

So after a few months of her coming over and Stacie and the others getting involved more and more with her, we were approached. A few days ago, Sally's parents came to where she was currently living (next to us) and wanted to talk to Stacie (who has been the most involved with Sally). They said they wanted Sally to live with us, as well as her little brother. This was a miracle, and an answer to prayers. Truly.

Two days later (yesterday), they were both finished with paperwork, disease testing, and everything else involved with becoming a resident of our Children's Village. Their lives will forever be changed. They now are going to school, they now have three meals a day, and they now have all the love they could want. Living in an orphanage is by far not the most desirable option in life, but it sure beats what they had before. Im grateful to be a part of it, and it makes it ALL WORTH WHILE.

God said that children, and the helpless are the most important, and the ones we should be taking care of, and this is it. Thank you God for this opportunity, thank you God for saving their lives, as well as ours.

We recently watched an amazing YOUTUBE video called "Depraved Indifference", by Eric Ludy. Its truly eye opening and inspiring. I recommend everyone watches it. Its the real deal. But it really made me think about whats going on here. Every second we give to a child, every dollar we give, is a way to change their life. Its crazy to think that all the kids that we have here, are going to have a real life. An entire life is going to be lived because God used people to save them. And an entire World can live because God used His Son to save them too.

I want to be here forever, i want to be a part of this forever.

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