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My life
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Set in Stone

I thank God that i have reached a point in life that i feel complete with things. There isnt that wondering if im on the right track or not. It is a far cry from what i imagined i should/would be doing a few years ago but i have that "wandering" feeling.

I went on my trip to the United States in June, which was great. I got to see all my family and visit with alot of friends. I also got to work out in a real gym, and feel AC constantly. I even felt "real" cool air, outside. During my trip i started getting a feeling of how good it would be to have all the luxuries of life back. The opportunities that are offered in the United States. I started coveting it in fact. All the way up until the last week before i returned.

But when i flew back onto Haitian land and felt that humid air, and that smell, that Haitian smell, i knew i was home again. I felt euphoric during the three hour drive through the Haitian cities and mountains on the way back to the orphanage, where we now have 62 kids. During the drive I was remembering all that i loved about Haiti, the beauty, the people, the community. I thought about the US and all its luxuries and how good they were, but in no way compared to what Haiti has, a community of people working together for a common good, however distorted it may seem at times. People will help people here even when they dont get anything in return, which is sometimes foreign to me being an American.

Dont get me wrong, i love America, but alot of times it seems to be a very "me" place. Anyways, back to the story. When i was about two miles from the orphanage I witnessed a man get hit on bicycle by a Moto (motorcycle). When we drove past, i saw the man's horrible head wound and realized the other side of Haiti (and life for that matter), the dark side. It isnt all beauty here, there is alot of pain. And then i realized the real reason im here, to help, and to be helped because life isnt perfect, and Haiti is far from it.

Now its been almost a month since my return, and i have full confidence in my being here. Im expecting God to reveal it to me through allowing my fundraising to be successful. Everything works out, it always does, even if its not the way i want it to. God always has a plan, He did create everything, even pain.

So if you read this, say a prayer, even if you dont Believe. You never know, it sure has been the biggest thing in my life. If you need prayer, post it, ill do it immediately.

Be blessed

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  1. Your words are so inspiring! I am so glad you are doing such good in the world.. It will be worth it in the end! God has chosen you to be one of his helpers. I would love to come visit you some time.. I feel like I have a calling somewhere.. I am still trying to figure it out! :) so proud of you! Doin big things!